ASPC guidelines and principals

  • Delivering quality customer care in a warm, friendly manner, for both humans and their pets is top priority. Your most detailed needs will be cared for with utmost respect and attention to follow-through.  This includes daily check-ins if requested.
  • ASPC knows that animals respond best to consistency, physical activity, affection, and love. We are dedicated to providing this to all clients.

Benefits of hiring professional, personalized pet care service

  • Reduced risk of parasites and illnesses associated with kennels and enclosed day care, such as giardia or bordetella.
  • No risk of dehydration or hypothermia associated with airplane cargo travel.
  • One designated sitter per household. This allows for special attention, close observation, and quick intervention should something be “not quite right.”
  • Your pet remains in a familiar environment and routine that feels safe and secure, and is offered therapeutic activities that encourage health and happiness in your absence.
  • Pet sitter provides safety checks and light maintenance for your home, such as keeping plants and lawns watered.
  • By hiring a professional as opposed to the neighbor, you are paying for experience, licensure, bond, reliability, and greater accountability on behalf of the sitter.